Hot Rock Masonry owner, mason Steve Cohan, was raised in New York City during the 1940s and ’50s. After attending New York University and Emerson College in Pacific Grove, CA, in the early sixties, where he studied film-making and photography, Steve worked developing fine art photographs in New York City. As co-owner of a Greenwich Village antique store specializing in Art Nouveau and art glass, his vision of architectural beauty refined.

While homesteading in southwest Virginia during the early 1970s, he apprenticed in the venerable trade of stone masonry. Steve opened his own masonry business in ’76 specializing in the traditional dry-stack style for which Virginia is famous. Over a hundred stone projects ranging from wood-fired bake ovens to historic restorations were completed there, including a 90-foot tall marble minaret for an Islamic mosque!

In the soapstone-rich Blue Ridge Mountains, Steve first discovered the European tradition of masonry heaters. After building several different designs of high-mass heat-storing wood stoves, he became a dealer/installer for Tulikivi in 1986, and a member of the Masonry Heater Association of North America in the year of its inception.

A move to the Pacific Northwest in 1990 found his business, now called Hot Rock, completing small to large-scale residential projects primarily on islands in the San Juans and building masonry heaters and wood-fired bake ovens all around the Pacific Northwest—Alaska to California, Montana to Colorado.

With offices in Eastsound and Mount Vernon, WA, Hot Rock’s current focus is on putting a masonry heater in every home in the Northwest. No more reliance on politically unsavory and environmentally-destructive fuels. Just clean sustainable heat, with a better carbon footprint than if a tree fell down in the woods.

Today, Hot Rock represents over a dozen manufacturers of masonry heaters, wood-fired bake ovens, cook stoves and fireplace components. Hot Rock Masonry: what HOT rock is all about!

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