Temp-Cast Masonry Heaters

The Temp-Cast refractory heater core kit from Toronto allows for facing with a variety of materials—stone, tile, brick or stucco. It is one of the most affordable options on the market and can be built by a handy homeowner or a mason without previous masonry heater experience.

Without a bake oven, a Temp-Cast can provide decades of efficient heating for your cabin, workshop or home. With a bake oven, you bake with the same fuel you’ve used to heat! As the Pacific Northwest dealer for Temp-Cast, of course, one of our masonry heaters is a Temp-Cast, so call to stop by the showroom on Orcas and check it out!

It’s also the quickest masonry heater to build on the market. And, if you order today and it’s shipped next week! And Steve is happy to remain on call during your installation for no additional consulting fee. Or if you’d like him to build it for you, it’s a very quick installation and, therefore, lower installation price than a Hot Rock custom heater or a heater from another manufacturer.

Here’s a link to the Temp-Cast Planning Guide PDF which may help to frame some of your questions for when you call Steve at 360.376.5505 to get started on your dream of sustainable heating for your home.